Sunday, May 27, 2012

Benjamin Dammrell

It's been some time since last I posted here on my bucket blog. My apologies. For your enjoyment, I have for you  a new design I've just completed.

The design for the painting was provided for me by my client as a special order. I was pleased to fashion such a handsome bucket. The shape of the bucket is very similar to the historic original bucket. I'm fairly certain the maker of the original came out of the John Fenno shop in Boston sometime during the first quarter 19th c. Fenno was in my estimation the best fire bucket maker in history on any Continent. I try my best emulate his work stitch for stitch.

 The bucket stands about 11.5" to the rim. There is a steam bent stave of ash inside the folded rim of leather. I hand-stitch every part with waxed hemp cord. The leather is steam hardened in the traditional manor of early fire buckets.

If anyone would like to order a bucket of this design please feel free to email me at;

My best,

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